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Our School's Mission Statement:

“Ooltewah Middle School provides an environment that cultivates a caring community of proactive citizens, productive life-long learners, and individuals who are challenged to grow in the pursuit of knowledge.”


Doors open at 6:45, late bell at 7:15

Dismissal begins at 2:15


We are thrilled to announce after a  rigorous application process,  that Ooltewah Middle School, in partnership with Volkswagen, the State of Tennessee and the Public Education Foundation, has been selected as a Volkswagen eLab recipient for the 2018-2019 school year.

Eight schools were selected this year in Hamilton County. We look forward to providing a space for students to fabricate, prototype, and further develop problem solving and design thinking skills.

As we move forward in the process, we will keep our OMS community informed and updated.

Special thanks the teachers involved in the grant writing and presentation process.

 Congratulations to our OMS Geography Bee winners:

1st place-Blake Johnson

2nd place-Josh Pectol

3rd place-Kenlie Almonor


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STRIVE for Less than FIVE

 Highest Attendance Reward Competition!


March Attendance Madness is underway! Be here EVERY day, ON TIME, and prepared.

·         The campaign will end as of Tuesday, March 27th

·         The activity for the winning teams will be completed on March 29th so that nothing is carried over after spring break. **

·         We will have one winning team per grade level (same criteria as used  before)

·         You will receive a time in advance for your activity, but plan on roughly one hour if your team is a winner

·         All students on the winning teams will receive a dress down pass to be used on Thursday, March 29th (this will be better for the outside activity)

·         All students with perfect attendance regardless of the team will receive a dress down pass to be used on Wednesday, March 28th.



Important Calendar Dates:  

 School wide Fundraiser-March 5-21

Report Cards- March 23

8th Grade College Visit Field Trips-March 29

Spring Break- March 30- April 8

8th graders register for OHS Freshmen courses-April 11 (in class)

OHS Open House for Rising Freshmen- April 12

Discovery Night for 5th graders-April 17

8th Grade Promotion-May 22 (9 am)

Last Day for Students-May 24


Free/Reduced Lunch Application:

School Wide Fundraiser! 


March 5th - Fundraising Kick-Off 

Students attended grade level assemblies during Related Arts; catalogs, order forms, money envelopes and accompanying rewards lists were provided to students. Students may begin selling as of today.


March 21st -Final Turn-In Date 

Students may turn in all money and order forms early if they finish selling before this date. All orders must be turned in by March 21 to be eligible for rewards. Forms should have the student’s name and homeroom teacher written at the top. Please total the order form at the bottom. Place the order form and money inside the envelope and return to homeroom teacher.


April 10th – Delivery Date 

All items will be delivered to the school Tuesday, April 10th. Students selling a large number of items should arrange appropriate transportation in order to bring items home.


To Recap:


·         Collect money when the order is placed 

·         Cash or checks made out to OMS or pay online! 

·         Tax is already included in the cost of the items 

·         Please total all items sold and the amount of money turned in at the bottom of each order form 

·         Extra order forms available through homeroom teacher 

·         Do NOT keep a copy of the completed order form, there will be one in the box with the items


Student Rewards


Items Sold


1 item

·           Attend   Owlapalooza on May 11th

5 items

·           Rewards   for selling 1 item

·           Admission   to rewards party on May 11th

·           Envelope   with dress down ticket, Superfly ticket, Zoo ticket, free cookie

·           Crazy   hat/sock day in May

10 items

·           Pajama   day in May

·           Receive   an Owlapalooza wristband to participate in all activities for free on the day   of the carnival (booth activities and inflatables only)

·           Spin   and Win, free pucker powder

15 items

·           Rewards   for selling 1, 5, and 10 items

·           Play   Throw for Dough

Top Seller in Grade Level

·           Catered   lunch with friend, eat anywhere in the school

·           Top   Sellers will spin and play before others!

Top Seller in the School

·           Dress   down for the rest of the year beginning April 2, 5 Superfly tickets, $25 cash   per 25 items sold (example 75 items = $75)

·           Choice   of wireless earbuds, Xbox 1, and ________________________________

Top Selling Homerooms per Grade   Level

·           Race   Mr. Bacons (must be decorated before the race).

·           The   winning pig’s homeroom will receive a party.

·           The   best decorated Mr. Bacon will receive a dress down day for homeroom students   and teacher.

·           No   pig mechanical alterations allowed.



2017-2018 OMS Peer Mediators


6th Graders

Kylie Dickson

Aaron Garcia

Christopher Marquez

Kaylee Pockington

Kyera Reese

Noah Stephens

Anna Unger

Rily Wilt


7th Graders

Ema Beganovic

Cole Boyd

La'Nari Davis

Jaleah Harris

Evan Ellis

Rhashaad Hinton

Andrew Sumner


8th graders

Zachary Cates

Cristian Ortiz

Vidhi Patel

Pectol Joshua

Cathrine Watkins

Jadah Well

Jamiyla Whitaker 


Ooltewah Middle School

Dress Down Day Dress Code

Clothing should be school appropriate.


Students may wear:

Blue jeans/colored jeans

Colored shorts (cotton twill material or corduroy)


Shirts without collars

Students may not wear:

Clothing that has rips, holes, or tears.

Athletic shorts

Jogger pants

Athletic pants or shorts

Tank tops


Clothing with offensive pictures or words


Administration reserves the right to address any clothing or accessory deemed inappropriate or distracting.


Owls Nest Reporters Needed! 

Any student interested in writing short feature articles for the school website should apply in Ms. Stephens' office



Congratulations to the following students:

Yesenia Sepulveda

Jason Zhao

Osvaldo Rocha

Kayla Shepherd

Evan Ellis

Tristan Sutton

Caden McMahan

Rebecca Alvayero

Ana Unger

Peyton Kramer

These students will be serving on the newly formed Student Advisory Council.



Ooltewah Middle School

Tutoring Opportunities 2017-2018


Ms. Schaaf (Math -Cracker Jacks) - Wednesday 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm (starting 9/13/17)

Mr. Holland (Social Studies- Talons) - Thursday 2:15 pm – 4:00pm

Mrs. Harjes (Math- Mtn. Climbers) 2:20 - 4:20  March 21st (2:20 – 3:20)

Ms. Solock (Reading, writing, general organization -Mountain Climbers) – 2:15 – 4:30 pm 

March 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th

April 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th


Mrs. Oliver (Science- Silverwings) – Wednesday 2:15 pm – 3:45 pm

Mr. Treece (Writing- Voyagers) – 2:15 – 3:30 pm

March 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th

April 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th

May 1st, 7th, 8th

 Extended Day School (Monday – Thursday)

Detention: 2:30 – 3:30 pm

Evening School 2:30 – 4:45 pm


            Monday – Ms. Munro

            Tuesday – Ms. Womack

            Wednesday – Ms. A. Stephens   

            Thursday – Mrs. VanDelinder

            Exceptional Education (as needed): Mrs. McCullough




 Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Whoo Yearbook Staff!

-          William Bolt

-          Evan Ellis

-          Brooklyn Evans

-          Treinity Hines

-          Kaitlin Pectol

-          Alejandra Rocha

-          Karina Rocha

-          Samantha Vazquez



   OMS Spirit Wear available for purchase:

$25 sweatshirts and hoodies

$20 long sleeve t-shirts

$20 V-neck girls' fitted shirts

$12 t-shirts

$12 drawstring bags

Lanyards $5.00 and $8.00



Click the backpack for:

School Supply Lists, Dress Code and Summer Reading information


 School Zone Check:

(Click here) 


2017-2018 School Year Calendar-

(Click below)

Click below to find the closest bus stop to your home:


##Closest Stop##


##Request a bus stop near your home##




Related Arts-Elly Barnes and Madison Alexandre

Cracker Jacks-Kevin Ramos

Night Owls-Jocelyn Rocha

Crusaders-Daniella Garcia

Talons- Julian Sexton

Mtn. Climbers- Julie Santiago Ortiz

SilverWings-Isaac Jackson

Voyagers-Stefan Cheung 


Parent/ Student Athletic Handbook, Physical forms, and Concussion policy

may be downloaded by clicking the owl:






 In the Event of a Two hour Delay-OMS will adhere to the following schedule:

En Caso de un Retraso de Dos Horas-OMS Seguirá el siguiente horario:

9:15-all students are to report to homeroom (todos los estudiantes deben presentarse a su homeroom)

Teams determine core class schedule (Los Equipos determinaran el horario de las clases principales)

Lunch times will remain the same (La hora del almuerzo seguira igual)

Related Arts Class Times: (Horario de las clases de Artes Relacionados)

9:30-10:00           7A

10:05-10:35         7B

11:15-11:45         6A

11:50-12:20         6B

12:40-1:10          8A

1:15-1:45            8B 


  OMS Renaissance Program Overview: 

Dear Parents and Students: 

As we begin another great school year, we have some changes to our Renaissance Program that we would like to share. In previous years, we have used both the Rapid Rewards and Renaissance programs to promote academic and behavioral accountability among students. Upon review of the two programs, we noticed several instances of overlapping ideology. Therefore, we have modified the rewards programs to better serve our students and to allow them more chances to earn the rewards. Our goal is still to reward those students who are able to maintain outstanding academic achievement along with outstanding conduct. You will find the new requirements and rewards for each level of the Renaissance program below: 

Red Level-Highest reward level, these students must maintain an average of 93+ in every class for an entire quarter. Students must have all S’s in conduct in order to achieve this reward level. Students cannot receive any disciplinary referrals in order to be eligible for this level.


Rewards for Red Level students:

·       Students may dress down on Mondays and Thursday in school appropriate jeans & an appropriate out-of-dress-code shirt. (However, blue jean shorts are not allowed.) 

·       Students will receive four (4) free passes to any home athletic game. 

·       Special lunch seating privileges when available 

·       Other privileges/rewards when available 

Silver Level-Second highest reward level, these students have maintained an average of 85+ in each class for the entire quarter. Students must have all S’s in conduct in order to achieve this reward level. Students cannot receive any disciplinary referrals in order to be eligible for this level. 

Rewards for Silver Level Students: 

·       Students may dress down every Thursday in school appropriate jeans and an appropriate out-of-dress-code shirt. (However, blue jean shorts are not allowed.) 

·       Students will receive two (2) free passes to any home athletic game. 

·       Special lunch seating privileges when available 

·       Other privileges/rewards when available 

White Level-This level is designated to reward students who have perfect attendance (students are considered in attendance if they are in school for 4 or more periods). Students must have all S’s in conduct in order to achieve this reward level. Students cannot receive any disciplinary referrals in order to be eligible for this level.

Rewards for White Level Students:

·       Students will receive three (3) Dress Down passes where they may wear school appropriate jeans and an out-of-dress-code shirt. Students must have the pass with them in order to dress down. 

·       Other privileges/rewards when available 

(Only students who have grades from Ooltewah Middle School for the previous quarter qualify for this program. Students who transfer will be eligible for the following quarter of the Renaissance program.)  

**All Renaissance privileges are subject to change as deemed necessary by the administration of Ooltewah Middle School.


  • Utilizing the school agenda mate is a great way to track your child's assignments
  • Any time a student rides the bus home with someone, both students are required to provide a note to the front office by 8:30am on that day


 Nominate your favorite teacher for the Golden Apple Award!