Happening This Week:    7th grade forms to sign up for Foreign Language as a high school credit in 8th grade will be sent home Monday, Chorus Concert at OMS 7:00 Monday, Rising 6th graders attend Registration Night on Tuesday 3:30-7:30, School Play-Friday & Saturday night @ 7:00.


 Our School's Mission Statement:

“Ooltewah Middle School provides an environment that cultivates a caring community of proactive citizens, productive life-long learners, and individuals who are challenged to grow in the pursuit of knowledge.”

Pay OMS School and Activity Fees Online:  http://osp.osmsinc.com/hamiltontn

Congratulations to Ms. Amato for winning Educator of the Week from News Channel 9 and Mr. Mahoney for winning the Golden Apple Award for News Channel 12! 

Attention 8th Graders:

Participation in the end of year field trip, the eighth grade dance and recognition ceremony will be contingent upon the following behavior and academic guidelines from March 16th – May 18th:


Behavior Requirements:

Ø  No more than two placements in our in-school suspension (partial or full day)

Ø  No more than two Saturday School assignments

Ø  No more than one Extended Day school assignment

Ø  No Out-of-School Suspensions

Ø  No Evening School Placements

Ø  No remandments to alternative school or expulsions


Academic Requirements:

Ø  The student must pass math with a yearly average of 70% or higher.

Ø  The student must pass language arts with a yearly average of 70% or higher. (If students are on a five-man team, the reading grade and language arts grade are averaged.)

Ø  The student must pass either science or social studies with a yearly average of 70% or higher.


Parents of current and rising OMS students-

 Please join us on Monday April 20th at 6:00p.m. for the OMS PTA meeting

we will elect officers and update the current by-laws.




APRIL 28TH- Reading and Language Arts

APRIL 29th- Math

APRIL 30th-Science

MAY 1st- Make Up Testing





May 11-14th


May 15th- Math and Related Arts A/B

May 18th-Social Studies and Science

May 19th- English/Language Arts

May 22nd- Make Up Exams 


 Attention 8th Graders:  The High School Showcase will be April 21st from 6:00-7:30 and Owl Camp for the High School is scheduled for August 5th at OHS




Introducing Ooltewah Middle School’s Follett Shelf, an ebook collection from the OMS library. Ebooks can be checked out and read from any internet connected computer or tablet, at home or at school. The web address for accessing Follett Shelf is https://wbb53245.follettshelf.com. Please see Mrs. Wooden in the library to get your username and password.


Congratulations to the following Cracker Jacks students who participated in a math competition on saturday. Anna Olson, Brandi Baxa, Luna Omeragic, Mattie Purcell, and Lei Hanna placed 3rd in the team competition. Lei Hanna placed 3rd in the individual test and Mattie Purcell placed 1st for 6th grade.


CONGRATULATIONS to the eleven OMS 7th graders who earned STATE RECOGNITION on the ACT exam through the Duke Tips Program this year.

Those students are:

Kennie Almonor

Nia Brown

Austin Cramer

Sam Greer

Alex Huff

Alyssa Prather

Katie Steger

Phoebe Steger

Timothy Turner

Daniel Verstrat 

Alaina Washington

Sign Up for the BiLo Education Rewards Program and help suppport Ooltewah:


login code 54875


A Message from the OMS Theater Department:

After much study and research the school play has been decided, sort of. The plan this year is to perform a series of 10 minute plays that will revolve around a theme. The working title is “Why Me? and Other Burning Questions” Four or five specific scripts will be selected. This will allow the director to cast the best 15 or so actors and use them in multiple roles.

Can vomit and spoiled milk be art? What if public speaking could kill you? Does proper grammar really matter? What would you do if your worst nightmare came true? And, why do girls always have the upper hand on guys? All these questions and more will be answered in “Pieces of Seven”, a collection of seven 10 minute plays performed by the Ooltewah Middle School Theatrical Ensemble. 

Casting List:

Grace Atkins, D'artagnon Grant, Riley Grove, Audrey Lane, Emily Purcell, Morgan Milner, Thomas Quartez, Michelle Smith, Mari Taylor, Katy Wilson

The show will be performed in the OMS Theater on Friday and Saturday, April 17 & 18 at 7:00. .


    A Message from the OMS Library: 

Who?      Ooltewah Middle School Students 

What?      Collect Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education to earn dress down passes (1 pass for each 25 box tops/labels) 

Where?    Turn in to Mrs. Wooden in the library 

When?      All school year, August through May 

Why?       All proceeds benefit OMS

Attendance Committee Report:

Congratulations to the Following Homerooms who have earned SNACK PASSES for the Highest Attendance so far this quarter: 






Students, please continue to be present and on time. 

Homerooms with the highest attendance at the end of the quarter will earn a doughnut party! 




Chandler Dempsey, Tony Maina, Jaylun Watkins, Jonathan Tran, Alayna Baker, Katy Wilson, Not pictured: Colby Davis 



 The Principal's Book Club is proud to announce their new book selection-


2015 Registration Packets available under the "forms" tab



Students in Computer Technology at OMS are going above and beyond an Hour of Code! We are proud to present to you their games and art 100% student created! Keep checking back as more will be posted soon.

Click the blue hyper link below to open student creations.

Students in Computer Technology at OMS are going above and beyond an Hour of Code! We are proud to present to you their games and art 100% student created! Keep checking back as more will be posted soon.

Click the blue hyper link below to open student creations.

Eli Yuca:   http://learn.code.org/c/59632960

Colin Lee:   http://learn.code.org/c/34698398

Daniel Anderson:   http://learn.code.org/c/59772026

T.J. Taylor:   http://learn.code.org/c/32458509

Kailon Braden:   http://learn.code.org/c/59753484

Jacob Araque: http://learn.code.org/c/64702113

               Awesome! Game

Michael Bonnema: http://learn.code.org/c/64697326

               Cool. Click to shoot fireballs.

Samantha Gray: http://studio.code.org/c/64704609

               Santa flappy bird, hard.

Justin Howard: http://learn.code.org/c/64709816

               Weird Witch story.

Monteo McConnell: http://learn.code.org/c/64697987

               Splashy fish. Fun.

Reed Weller:   http://learn.code.org/c/63546700

                                             Bat flappy doesn’t die/end, but resets points if you hit the wall

Trey Johnson:   http://learn.code.org/c/64727093

                              Art one.

Austin Kaska:   http://learn.code.org/c/63572429

                              Art one.

Jimmy Lara:   http://learn.code.org/c/60901871

                              Art one.

Montavious Ware:   http://learn.code.org/c/64720778

               Good flappy

Samuel Wilhoit:   http://learn.code.org/c/63577295

                              Art one.

Chandler Dempsey: http://learn.code.org/c/64956528

               Funny dragon one

Aidan McLandsborough: http://learn.code.org/c/64956806

               Funny wizard game.

Kassidy Potter: http://learn.code.org/c/64920433

               Santa flappy

Yahir Villasenor: http://learn.code.org/c/64912444

               Cool art.

Kierstin Wade: http://learn.code.org/c/64962742

               Cool art.

Jazmine Abrego: http://studio.code.org/c/65144542

               Flappy changes, but doesn’t die unless hitting ground.

Zach Brackett:   http://learn.code.org/c/64023410

                              Crazy flappy horse

Tommya Reed: http://learn.code.org/c/64010442

               Cool art

Eli Yuca   http://learn.code.org/c/59632960

               Cool flappy


Ooltewah Middle School staff and students would like to thank the Ooltewah-Collegedale Lions Club for their donation of $500.00. The money donated will be used to buy books for our English/language arts classroom libraries.

The support afforded by this organization will help ensure a greater variety of books for students to choose from and allow teachers to establish book clubs.

Again, we appreciate the support of the Lions Club. Their service to our school and community is making an impact.



Nominate your favorite teacher for the Golden Apple Award!




 School Breakfast/Lunch Menus:


Congratulations to our 2014 Holly Ball Court:

Alyssa White, Keirsten wade, Riley Owen, Gracee Williams, Mattie Purcell, Maliyah Davis, Abby Mahoney, Alexis Kidd, Rachel Schreur, Perla Martinez, Will Richard, Andrew Smith, Kamrin Givens, Tarel McClurkin, Wesley Bradford, Nick Buchelli, Noah Hurling, Larry Sandoval


McKinsey Eaves, Alaina Washington, Daeja Knox, Chloe Verstrat, Sasha Strader, Elizabeth Isaac, Katie Wilson, Kate Bach< Cahlib Edwards, Addarius Lloyd


Colby Taylor, Kody Dockery, Cameron Montgomery, Drew Carson, Elijah Isaac, Colin Lee, Kaley Higginbotham, alyssa Lunsford, Riley Rodgers, Sara O'Shea, Daeja Beckom, Lynnly Mize, Anna Marie Cochran


A big thank you to Commissioner Chester Bankston for providing new bleachers for our OMS Softball field.  Mr. Bankston has shown a continual investment in the betterment of our local schools.

 OMS Renaissance:

 Red Level students will be able to dress down Mon-Thurs, Silver Level students can dress down every Wednesday, and White Level students will have 4 designated dress down days.

Rewards may change based on student conduct and behavior and privileges can be taken away by Administration and/or program coordinator.

Student levels will be posted in cafeteria and given to home room teachers. 6th grade students will become eligible in January based on Semester 1 grades.

Thank you to Karen Glenn, Gwen Gregory and the STARS program for the donation of the beautiful customized lanyards. We appreciate all of the support that the Students Taking a Right Stand program continues to provide OMS!