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Owl Pride!
Owl Pride!
Ms.  Joan  Feiling
School Counselor-6th Grade/ Talons

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M.Ed, School Counseling

For more info, student/parent resources, registration forms, helpful links & more, 

please visit the OMS Guidance Site!


School Counselor serving 6th grade (all teams) 7th grade (Talons)*


 Email: Phone: 423.238.5732 ext 234  (fax) 423.238.5735 

Office location: White Oak Room (located off the 7th grade/right ramp heading down to cafe)


7th grade Mt.Climbers & 8th grade counselor: Ms. Jamie Stephens (, 423-238-5732 ext 294)


To schedule an appointment:

students: pass required; ask your teacher, leave a note in my mailbox (right outside of my door), email me or ask me if/when you see me and we will arrange a time 

parents: call, email, or send a note with your child 



(on main page ->left menu ->select 'guidance' (under Social) or   click here)  




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