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General Music

6th grade General Music

Welcome to one of the most exciting expressions of the arts! Music is understood, throughout the world, no matter what language. Our class offers varied opportunities to enhance music literacy and explore creative possibilities.

Quarter 1 - Quarter 4


·         Introduction to Folk & Symphonic Instruments

·         Exploring Varied Styles, Cultures, Genres & Historical Music

·         Theory: Notes, Rests, Time Signature Application, and Composition

·         Music Reading and Notation

·         Making Music Connections with Interdisciplines

·         Introduction to Keyboard Study

·         Critical Listening


1.0 Singing

2.0 Playing Instruments 3.0 Improvising 4.0 Composing 5.0 Reading & Notating 6.0 Listening & Analyzing 7.0 Evaluating 8.0 Interdisciplinary 9.0 Historical and Cultural Relationships


·         Spotlight on Music

·         KODALY For Beginning Levels/Volume Two

·         Bastien Piano Basics

·         Varied Media: ArtEdge, You-tube, CD's, DVD's

·         Tennessee Arts Academy (2015) Resources/Handouts

ASSESSMENTS (Formative & Summative)

·         Pre-Assessment

·         Oral & Written Feedback

·         Self-Assessment

·         Essential Questioning

·         Test

·         Project/Performance


Instrumental Performance


Done with 7th & 8th Grade (Topic relative to school culture or world events)