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Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

 We are an FCA huddle group, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We are happy to be a part of this organization that welcomes all students and staff to any of our meetings.  We will meet before school from 6:45 am until 7:05 on Wednesdays. Students may come to the Room 108 as soon as they get off the bus or arrive in their car.  Let the cafeteria monitor know you are going to FCA.

This student lead club will emphasize the importance of faith in Christ Jesus , supporting one another in kindness and love, and building one another up.

We will also strive to be a service group for our school and community.

Faculty Sponsors: Mrs. Carol Labor, Miss Munro, and Miss Lyness.

Student Officers 2017-2018:  Cate Watkins and Macie Coleman are our Co-Presidents this year.

Vice President: Amy Johnson

Seargent at Arms: 

Secretary of community events: Jake Dawes

Secretary of communication: Emily Darr

Treasurer: Jason Zhou





Student Officers 2016-2017: Will Richarards-Presidents, Tarel McClurkin-Vice President, Cate Watkins-Secretary of Communications, Macie Coleman-Secretary of Community Service

Student Officers 2015-2016: Rebekah Bailey-President, Colby Davis-Vice President, Isaac Bailey-Communications Secretary, Katie Huynh-Communtiy Secretary