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2017 Wrestling Schedule (Wrestling) 12/2/2016


Ooltewah Middle School Wrestling      2017 Schedule


Head Coach-J.D.Dunbar                                                          Principal-Chrissy Easterly

Assistant Coach-Joli Brown                                                     A.P./Athletic Dir.-Rodney Johnson


Season begins January 4th

Please Note:

  • All weigh-ins are at 5pm.
  • Wrestling begins at 6pm.
  •  Orchard Knob will join OMS at Matches
  • Sale Creek only wrestles the Home team.
  • Home team is in bold.   








East Hamilton

HCAC Invitational



Ooltewah HS

E. Ridge/Tyner vs OMS/Orch. Knob




East Hamilton

OMS/Orch. Knob vs East Ham.



Brown Middle School

OMS/Orch. Knob vs Brown



Ooltewah HS

Hunter vs OMS/Orch. Knob vs Sale Creek



Signal Mountain

OMS/Orch. Knob vs Signal Mtn.




Ooltewah HS

Loftis vs OMS/Orch. Knob



Ooltewah HS

Hixson vs OMS/Orch. Knob



Red Bank

OMS/Orch. Knob  vs RB




Ooltewah HS

SD vs OMS/Orch. Knob




Signal Mountain

HCAC Championship


concussion form (Wrestling) 8/18/2015

Information Packet About Wrestling (Wrestling) 12/2/2016

The information contained in this packet is intended to try to answer every question you might have concerning Ooltewah Middle School Wrestling for the 2017 year. There is a lot of detail in this packet; therefore, please take your time and read it all carefully.


Dear Parents,


Ooltewah Middle School (OMS) will begin its 2017 wrestling season with practice on Wednesday, January 4, 2016. This is the first day of school following Christmas break.  All of our practices and matches will be held at Ooltewah High School (OHS). The practices will be in the high school wrestling room, and the matches will be in the high school old gym. During school days, transportation from OMS to OHS will be provided by a Hamilton County bus, driven by a licensed Hamilton County bus driver.


Details concerning the practice times, match dates and times, bus transportation, eligibility, physicals, uniforms, practice policy, and costs are contained in this packet. Please read all sheets carefully.


Also attached is a practice/match calendar.  This calendar will serve as a guide to help you plan in advance for each day.  Please note, unforeseen circumstances can change dates, times, and events.  You will be notified immediately if anything prompts change to the calendar.


We must have a parent meeting before the competition starts. Our parent meeting will be held on Monday, January 9, at the Ooltewah High School cafeteria, at 6:00 p.m. It is not important that your wrestler attend the meeting, but it is okay if they do.  We strongly encourage all, or at least one parent/guardian of each wrestler to attend this meeting. The meeting is at the high school, so you can see where your wrestler will practice and compete. We will provide very important information and answer all questions you might have. We really want at least one parent or guardian of each wrestler at attended this meeting at the High School.  Please attend.  Call Coach Dunbar at 865-254-4123 if you have any questions.



James H. Dunbar IV





 Bus Transportation


Because all practices are to be held at the High School, we have hired a Hamilton County bus, driven by a licensed Hamilton County employed bus driver, to take your wrestler to the high school every practice day that school is in session. The bus will pick up the wrestlers at 3:00 every afternoon that we have practice and will drive directly to the high school.  In addition to the County employed bus driver, Mrs. Brown, our assistant coach and liaison, will also ride the bus with the wrestlers.


On practice days, the wrestlers are to report to Mrs. Brown’s room immediately after school. There, they will be supervised by Mrs. Brown until the bus arrives approximately 3:00 to take the wrestlers to the high school.  Once arriving at the high school, the wrestlers will report to the high school cafeteria accordion room where they will have approximately one hour of study hall to catch up on their homework or study. The high school wrestling team will be practicing at this time. At approximately 4:30, the middle school wrestlers will go to the wrestling room and practice until 6:00. We will not practice any later than 6:00. Please pick-up your wrestler at that time.


On days when the high school wrestling team has a match and the middle school wrestling team has practice, the middle school practice will begin immediately upon arrival at the high school. Practice will begin at approximately 3:15 and last no later than 5:00 pm.


There will be no bus transportation to any of the matches, home or away. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardians to see to it that their wrestler gets to the place of competition on these days.


We hire a bus to take your wrestlers to each practice at the high school each practice day. Because it is a sport, the bus service is not free; this service will come at an overall cost to us at around $1,200 to $1,300. We ask the parents of all the wrestlers to help pay for this private transportation for the wrestlers. Therefore, we ask each wrestling family to contribute $40 for this service.


We hire the bus to ensure utmost safety for your wrestler; for carpooling will not ensure the utmost safety.  We want you to have the peace-of-mind that your child will be safe and supervised while in our care. “In our care” means 100% supervision from the time school’s out until you pick your wrestler up from practice.  






All wrestlers must have a sports physical done by a physician before the first day of practice on Wednesday, January 4. This also includes the concussion form filled out with the physical. Only one sports physical is required per school year, meaning one physical is good for all sports for the school year. Any sports physical done on or after May 1, 2016 is good for the 2016-2017 school year.  If your fall sports coach has “the” only copy that you have of your physical, then contact that coach and request that he give it to you or your wrestler so it can be passed to us. (Please don’t ask the coach to pass the physical directly to us.) Your wrestler cannot practice until that sports physical and concussion form gets into our hands. And, your wrestler cannot be allowed on the bus for the first day of practice on Wednesday, January 4 if we do not have a completed physical in our hands by then.  Attached in this packet is a TSSAA approved physical form. You can get a physical with your family physician, or you can go to the Kennedy Clinic at the four-corners in Collegedale.




According to the TMSAA and HCAC, a student cannot fail more than one subject, regardless if it is a core subject or related arts, for the second quarter of this school year, in order to participate in wrestling this winter of 2017. The yearly average has nothing to do with eligibility. Also, no student repeating a grade will be eligible for participation in athletics during the school year.


Practice Policy

We expect all wrestlers to come to all practices and participate. Wrestlers should wear a t-shirt, athletic shorts, headgear, and wrestling shoes to practice. (You can get the wrestling shoes and head gear at any local sporting goods store, or on-line.) Do not wear wrestling shoes anywhere outside of the practice room. If injured, then the wrestler is expected to come and watch. When wrestlers miss practice, it slows the whole team’s progress down since that inconsistent wrestler is not up-to-speed with the wrestlers that have been consistently at practice. It is especially hard on the consistent wrestler who will no longer be able to progress at a desired pace.


It is our opinion, that athletes that are excited, motivated, and have goals set with any endeavor, will have full attendance. We understand that there will be an occasional appointment or two for some, and we all get sick from time to time. But we ask that each wrestler and their family make a commitment to full participation in this short wrestling season. If for any reason a wrestler will not be at practice or even if the wrestler missed school please contact us and let us know.




Each wrestler will be issued a brand new wrestling singlet. The TMSAA requires that wrestlers wear singlets as the uniform in which to compete. This is issued at no charge to the wrestler, unless it is lost. The wrestler will keep the singlet throughout the wrestling season; then, turn it in upon the completion of the season.


We also like for our wrestlers to look uniform at matches and tournaments. This means that all of our wrestlers shall wear matching warm-up attire as to look uniform throughout. The warm-up attire is purchased by each wrestler at cost. We encourage each wrestler to purchase at least one hoodie, one pair of sweatpants, one pair of shorts and one t-shirt. Multiple numbers are okay, but realized that this is a one-time order to get them at a lower price.


The prices for the warm-up attire are as follows:


Hoodie                                    $25.00 ea.

Sweatpants                            $20.00 ea.

T-Shirt                                    $10.00 ea.

Shorts (double meshed)      $14.00 ea.


These are clothes to purchase and keep and to wear freely as long as they last. They are certainly the property of the individual and not the school.



Clothing Order Form




Hoodie: Size- Circle one (YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, XXL)     Price $25.00 ea. X   Quantity: _______  = _________


Sweatpants: Size- Circle one (YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, XXL)  Price $20.00 ea. X   Quantity: _______ = _______


T-Shirt: Size- Circle one (YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, XXL)  Price $10.00 ea. X   Quantity: _______ = ____________


Shorts: Size- Circle one (YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, XXL)  Price $14.00 ea. X   Quantity: _______ = _____________


                                                                                                     Total price: ______________




Total Cost to You


Below is a list of costs to consider. We do not charge a fee to wrestle, but many programs do. We do, however charge a bus fee as explained earlier in this packet. All approximate costs to you are listed below.


Hamilton County does not fund sports programs. All sports programs are expected to raise their own funds to exist. Hamilton County will not come to the financial aid of any of its programs; we are no exception.


There are costs that our OMS/OHS program incur that we often do not think about.  Wrestling mats cost around $12,000.00 each. We are required to raise money and pay for them.  They have a ten-year life, which is shortened when we run two different teams in one season. There are fees to pay when we enter tournaments. There are costs when hosting matches. The program purchases mat tape, tables, scorebooks, referees, etc., and these costs add-up. These costs generally exceed the income received from the gate.


In order for us to remain strong as an overall program, we must raise funds.  We will participate in one fundraiser. We expect each wrestler, coach, and family to enthusiastically participate in this one fundraiser. The fundraiser is in lieu of charging each family a fee to wrestle. The OHS Wrestling Booster Club will operate our one fundraiser.  All costs incurred to the OHS booster club acquired in running the OMS program for the year will be reimbursed.  Any of the booster club’s money leftover, after all costs are paid, will then be transferred to the OMS wrestling booster account.



All individual Costs/Purchases to Consider


Bus fee:                                              $40.00

Head Gear (approx.):                              $25.00 (purchase on your own)

Wrestling shoes (approx.):                        $40.00 (purchase on your own)

Clothing (hoodies, sweats, etc.):                $69.00

            Total approx. costs:                     $174.00

physical form (Wrestling) 8/18/2015

student/parent athletic handbook (Wrestling) 8/18/2015