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Ooltewah Middle School Baseball

Owl Baseball 2017-2018
Owl Baseball 2017-2018


                      Ooltewah Middle School


2018 Baseball



Fee: $65.00                         


Season:   Tryouts will begin March 5. (No Batting this week)


                   Batting tryouts begin March 12.


Expect to begin playing 2-3 games per week the following week. This will continue through the tournament in Mid-May. (No play or practice during Spring Break in April.)


Pitchers are at a premium due to pitch count regulations. You will dramatically increase your chances of making the team if you can pitch as well as work another position.


You will need:   Your own glove.


                             White baseball pants with red piping.


                             Grey baseball pants with red piping.


                             A red belt.




Any specialized gear you want for your position (catcher’s gear, 1st baseman’s glove, etc).


Teams: There will be a Varsity Team of 12-14 players. A JV Team is possible. Even if there is no JV Team, talented 6th graders may still be chosen for the Varsity. Start practicing and playing summer ball now!