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Proud ot be a part of the Big Red Nation
Proud ot be a part of the Big Red Nation

OMS Holly Ball is coming in December.  This is our athletics largest fundraiser.  Candidates gather outside donations from family, friends, and local businesses in addition to selling food items at school. Anyone raising over $100 is named to the Holly Ball Court and the top 6 are crowned for the Royal Court just before the formal winter dance.  Those interested in representing OMS as a Holly Ball candidate should inform their coach or homeroom teacher. Fundraising begins in early November and information will be sent hoem with nominated students.

Purpose of Middle School Athletics:


Participation in middle school sports teaches safety, self-discipline, leadership, and team collaboration. Early adolescence is the prime developmental stage to teach athletic conditioning, focus skills, and determination. We work hard at Ooltewah to provide a safe environment for students to try new sports. 


*Although eligibility to play states that students must have no more than 1F and no more than 1 U in conduct, many of our athletes are in the top 10% of their class academically. Playing a sport can give a student an extra source of accountability for maintaining a standard of good behavior. Many of our teams boast a combined average of 3.3 GPA or higher.


This page provides all the safety forms and paperwork required for playing Hamilton County sports at the middle school level. many student athlete safety training modules and parent courses for free.  Simply create an account to access the National Federation of High School Safety's wealth of information.


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