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Easterly, Chrissy Principal
Johnson, Rodney Assistant Principal- 8th Grade and Mtn. Climbers
Wages, Cindy Assistant Principal-6th Grade and Talons Team

Adels, David Related Arts - Bible History
Allen, Sarah Music/Choral Director & General Music
Bankston, Krystal 8th Math and Honors Algebra
Basil, Shawn Exceptional Education-DCC
Bogard, Holly Sixth Grade World History
Burch, Shannon 7th Grade Science-Talons
Campbell, Ty Advanced Studies
Candler, Sarah 6th grade Language Arts
Coats, Tracy Related Arts - Band Director
Coltrin, Penny Sixth Grade Science
Cooper, Chris Related Arts - Theatre (not Drama)
COWAN, ADRIANNE 8th Grade Science (Voyagers)
FINLAY, TABITHA Reading 8th grade
Gossett, Lisa Related Arts - Art
GUIDER, LINDSEY 6th Grade Language Arts
Henry, Jody Related Arts - Health
Hernandez, Claudia Related Arts - Spanish
Hill, Jane 7th Grade World History
Hitchcock, Courtney 7th Grade Language Arts
HOLLAND, WILLIAM 7th Grade World History
Jackson, Caitlin Sixth Grade Language Arts
Jetton, Rebecca Seventh Grade Inclusion
JOHNSON, ABBEY 6th Grade Mathematics Teacher
Kendall, James STEM Education
King, Ginger Reading Interventionist
Labor, Carolyn Sixth Grade World History
Lopez, Marissa Seventh Grade Math
Mahoney, James 8th U.S. HistoryTeacher
Marshall, Stephanie Related Arts - German
MCCANCE, CAROL 8th Grade Math
MCCULLEY, EMILY 7th Grade Science: Mountain Climbers
McCullough, Micki Exceptional Education Department Head - Eighth Grade Inclusion
Mullins, Angela Academic Coach
MUNRO, BRITTANY 7th Grade Mathematics
Neal, Cynthia Direct Service-Reading Comprehension
Oliver, Megan Eighth Grade Science
Owen, Brenda Related Arts Math Intervention
Powell, Jennifer Exceptional Education Teacher
Robbs, Jana Related Arts - Girls Physcial Education
SCHAAF, SARA 6th Grade Math - Cracker Jacks
Sebastian, Cassie Sixth Grade Science
Smith, Robert Eighth Grade Language Arts
Solock, Kelli Seventh Grade Language Arts
Stephens, Arielle Sixth Grade Social Studies
Teague, Lindsey 8th Grade American History
Treece, Kelly 8th Grade: Voyagers
VanDelinder, Samantha 6th Grade Science
Williams, Gerald Related Arts - Boys Physical Education
Womack, Candace Eighth Grade Reading
Wooden, Joy ESOL

Banks, Robert Exceptional Education Assistant
Feiling, Joan School Counselor-6th Grade/ Mtn. Climbers
GADDIS, AMANDA Educational Assistant
Henegar, Kyle Hamilton County Sheriff's Office - SRO
Lawrence, Maribeth School Secretary
ROGERS, TONYA Clerical Assistant/ Front Office
Stephens, Jamie School Counselor-8th Grade/ Talons