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Adels, David Related Arts - Bible History
Basil, Shawn Exceptional Education-DCC
BELL, VANESSA Exceptional Education Department-Direct Service Teacher
Bogard, Holly 6th Grade Social Studies-Cracker Jacks
BROWN, JOLI 6th Grade Math-Crusaders
Burch, Shannon 7th Grade Science-Mountain Climbers
Campbell, Ty Advanced Studies
Candler, Sarah 6th Grade Language Arts-Night Owls
Coats, Tracy Related Arts - Band Director
Coltrin, Penny 6th Grade Science-Night Owls
Cooper, Chris Related Arts - STEM
COWAN, ADRIANNE 8th Grade Science (Voyagers)
Gossett, Lisa Related Arts - Art
HARJES, LAYCICA 7th grade Math-Mtn. Climbers
Henry, Jody Related Arts - Health
Henson, Carrie 6th Grade Literacy Cracker Jacks
Hill, Jane 7th Grade World History-Mountain Climbers
HOLLAND, WILLIAM 7th Grade World History-Talons
IVEY, ELLA 8th Grade Social Studies-Silver Wings
Jetton, Rebecca DS Basic Reading Teacher
JOHNSON, ABBEY 6th Grade Mathematics-Night Owls
Johnson, Breanne Ooltewah Middle
King, Ginger Reading Interventionist
Labor, Carolyn 6th Grade Social Studies-Crusders
LYNESS, MEGAN 8th Grade Language Arts- Silver Wings
Mahoney, James 8th U.S. HistoryTeacher (Voyagers)
Marshall, Stephanie Related Arts - German
MCCANCE, CAROL 8th Grade Math and Honors Algebra (Voyagers)
MCCULLEY, EMILY 7th Grade Science-Talons
McCullough, Micki Exceptional Education Department Head - Eighth Grade Inclusion
Mullins, Angela Academic Coach
MUNRO, BRITTANY 7th Grade Mathematics-Talons
Neal, Cynthia Direct Service-Reading Comprehension
Oliver, Megan 8th Grade Science-Silver WIngs
Owen, Brenda Related Arts Math Intervention
PICKETT, AMANDA Spanish Teacher
ROACH, AMANDA 7th Grade ELA - Talons
SCHAAF, SARA 6th Grade Math - Cracker Jacks
Sebastian, Cassie 6th Grade Science-Crusaders
Sharpe, Anne 8th Grade Reading-Silver Wings
Solock, Kelli 7th Grade Language Arts-Mountain Climbers
Stephens, Arielle 6th Grade Social Studies-Night Owls
TEALE, YASMIN Ooltewah MS Spanish Interpreter
Treece, Kelly 8th Grade Language Arts (Voyagers)
VanDelinder, Samantha 6th Grade Science-Cracker Jacks
Williams, Gerald Related Arts - Boys Physical Education
Womack, Candace 8th Grade Reading (Voyagers)