Reflections from a 6th Grader
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Monday, September 26, 2016
an article by Skylar Merriman

Incoming 6th graders shouldn't be afraid to start middle school. If you are scared to go to class, don't be.  The teachers and nice and they will help you adjust to middle school.

Getting involved in a sport is a great way to meet people and be part of school life. I chose to cheer.  We have spirit weeks and pep rallies.  Every Tuesday is a day to wear your spirit shirts. You can wear any Ooltewah shirt with dress code pants.  Fridays are usually jeans days if you earn the right to dress down. You get the privilages by having good behavior and turning in your work.

Teachers keep up with behavior in 6th grade by using a behavior card for each student.  If you get 3-4 marks for being out of dress code, off task, or unprepared you don;t earn the right to dress down that week.

A great way to communicate with teachers is to email them through your Powerschool app (an app that you use to check your grades).  This is a way to ask a teacher a question if you are too scared to in class.

Being nervous to start middle school isn't necessary, just be open minded and know it is way different than elementary and you have many more teachers.


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