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A Fresh Start- A New Student Reflection
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

 A Fresh Start

    Being a new student, not understanding what is going on,

and even not knowing how the school’s rules and schedule work made me

anxious.  I’m a new student at Ooltewah Middle School, and I was extremely terrified about coming to

a new school.

Even being a 8th grader, I get scared about transitioning into an environment I’m not used to.

When I walked into the school on the first day I felt butterflies in my stomach,

but when I went to get my schedule I was greeted in a polite way.

Ms. J. Stephens, the school counselor, recognized my last name and called the assistant principal over,

Mr. Johnson.

He embarrassed me, but it felt good to know that even though Ooltewah wasn’t the school that

I went to last year, the staff members were warm-hearted and caring.

Once the day continued, I met my teachers, Mrs.Oliver, Mrs.Riley (Science), Mrs.Lyness(Writing),

Ms.Sharpe(Reading), Mrs.Ivey(Social Studies), and Mrs.Bankston(Math).

Trust me drama arose by day 2 of my new school, but this school wasn’t like my other school.

Ooltewah was different, they were organized, persistent, and patient.

I felt like I was accepted for who I am. Now in January I feel safe, and I feel

like Ooltewah helped me understand what responsibility, perseverance, and discipline really mean.

Ooltewah has helped me and saved me.


-Amya Boone 8th grade 2017-2018

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