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Shawn Basil Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Exceptional Education


U. S. Naval Academy - 1993

BS History


Belmont University - 2006

MAT Special Education


National Outdoor Leadership School (2001-2003)

Lander, Wyoming - Taught 16-21-year-olds essential wilderness/mountaineering skills and leadership/interpersonal training on 30 day courses in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Oregon.  Summer seasonal studies.


Genesis Learning Center (2001-2003) 

Nashville, Tennessee - Educational Assistant - Worked in severe behavior intervention setting.  Began teaching students on the spectrum of autism at this time.  Promoted to classroom teacher during this time.


Murrell School (2004-2010)

Nashville, Tennessee - Special education teacher - Worked in public school severe behavior intervention setting.  Taught all core subjects to 7th graders as well as social skills/decision making processes.


Ooltewah Middle School (2010-Present)

Coaching Autism Learning/Mentoring/Modeling (CALMM) and Developmental Communications Classroom (DCC) Teacher - Taught students on the spectrum of autism in both inclusion and self-contained settings.

Has coached wrestling, football, and baseball during OMS career.  Currently coaching football and baseball.


    Born in Bowling Green, KY, Shawn Basil was a 1989 graduate of Warren Central High School.  During this time, he also played football, performed in school musicals, was a state runner-up in speech and debate, a Governor's Scholar and National Merit Scholar Finalist.  He also earned the rank of Eagle Scout during this time.  

    He turned these early accomplishments into an appointment to the United States Naval Academy, graduating in 1993 with a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and a Bachelor of Science in History.  Specializing as an artillery officer, he further progressed to training as a naval gunfire spotter, NATO forward air controller, and naval parachutist.  During this time he took on a number of instructor responsibilities, including teaching land navigation, fire support, hand-to-hand combat, specialized marksmanship training, and wilderness/mountain survival skills.  This training brought him to locales such as Japan, Okinawa, Norway, Britain, Bosnia, and Puerto Rico, as well several U. S. states.

    Upon leaving the Marine Corps in 1999, Mr. Basil spent six months hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  The 2160-mile journey stayed with him as he entered the corporate world as a supervisor in the Bridgestone/Firestone factory in Lavergne, Tennessee.  Though the work was fast-paced and profitable, the mountains lingered in Mr. Basil's mind.  

    This led to his accepting a voluntary layoff in 2001 and entering the National Outdoor Leadership School's (NOLS) Instructor Course.  He taught wilderness travel, mountaineering, and leadership skills to groups of 16-21 year olds in locales such as Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon.  

    Since this was summer seasonal work, Basil also sought to work as a regular classroom teacher.  He became an educational assistant at Genesis Learning Centers in Nashville, a contract special education school working with students with severe behavioral concerns.  While there he taught both high school and middle school students, some of whom were on the spectrum of autism.  He worked in therapeutic counseling as well as teaching U. S. History, social studies, biology, and PE.

    In 2004, he enrolled in the Special Education Cohort Program through Belmont University in Nashville.  He also began to teach at Murrell School, a public school entirely devoted to behavior intervention.  Mr. Basil taught reading, language arts, math, social studies, and science to 7th graders for 6 years.  In 2006, he graduated from Belmont University with a Masters of Arts in Teaching in Special Education.  While teaching at Murrell, he also began working as an adjunct instructor for Belmont University, teaching Ecology and Conservation for Educators, a course which focuses on hands-on training to help children the fundamental principles of how the Earth cares for itself.

    In 2010, Mr. Basil moved to Ooltewah Middle School, where he taught his first year in the CALMM setting, working with students on the spectrum of autism in an inclusion setting with specialized instruction in social skills.  He currently teaches in the Developmental Communications Classroom, a self-contained setting for students with autism and specializing in increased language/communications and social skills.  He coached wrestling in 2011 and 2012.  He has coached football every year since 2012.  He began coaching baseball in 2016.