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Kelly Treece Staff Photo
Mrs.  Kelly  Treece
8th Grade Language Arts (Voyagers)
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Subjects Taught
Writing 8


Tyner High School, 1995

Chattanooga State Technical Community College, 1999

*A.S. in English

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 2001

*B.S. in English Education, grades 7-12

Cumberland University, 2007

*M.A. in Education


Chattanooga Middle School, 2001-2002

Ooltewah Middle School, 2002-2009

East Hamilton Middle School, 2010- Spring 2013

Ooltewah Middle School, Fall 2013-current


     I am a freak of nature, often seen dancing to the beat of my own drum and laughing hysterically for no reason.  I am a force to be reckoned with and I am your worst nightmare.  I duck, I bob for apples, I weave intricate baskets.

     I have been known to refurbish vintage furniture and give it away to homeless cats so they have a place to sleep.  I have kayaked in Alaska in the midst of a killer whale feeding frenzy, swam alongside Spinner dolphins, and fed Great White sharks bare-handed. 

     I won a gold medal in the Olympics - my archery skills were so phenomenally intimidating that all other competitors forfeited.  I lived amongst the Blue-Footed Boobies on the Galapagos Islands, and I once traveled around the world five times in 180 days. 

     Sometimes I awaken in the middle of the night, meander out to the woods behind my house, perch in a tree, and hoot like a Great-Horned owl.  I have also accompanied the neighborhood cat on a nocturnal hunt for random objects our neighbors neglected to bring in off their porch. 

     I compete in ukulele duels on the sixth Saturday of each month and have a fuchia belt in combat hula-hooping.  I thrive on stealing hugs from helpless lemurs and maintain my innocence on Tatooine.  My other car is the Millennium Falcon.  Yoda is my homeboy.

     I have been a garden gnome bounty hunter, a heavy metal accordionist, an artist who sculpts exclusively with marshmallow Peeps, and I single-handedly transformed the lives of a gaggle of wild geese while traveling through Opelika.

     I can knit 5011 scarves in 45 minutes while reciting the alphabet in Klingon and dribbling a soccer ball while blindfolded.  In my spare time I grapple large snipes, set traps for Bigfoot, and crochet delicate shawls for elderly gorillas.  I bake red velvet brownies on the 7th Wednesday of each month, I have competed in extreme ice sculpting, I am so organized I confuse myself and the nineteen squirrels who call me "Mom". 

     I have my very own House Elf; her name is Gertrude and she adores me so much she absolutely refuses to accept any clothing and claim her freedom.  I once owned the elements of the Deathly Hallows, but I loaned them to Dumbledore so that Harry Potter could save the world.  Snape is my idol.  I always turn to page 394.

     I taught Dr. Seuss how to rhyme, I own Anne's Green Gables, and I don't live in a house - I live in a hobbit-hole in the Shire, and Treebeard resides in the woods behind my house.  I once commandeered the Black Pearl and I taught Darryl Dixon how to use a crossbow.

     I created an 8th day, but was too overwhelmed by the extra time.  I once read Gone With the Wind, Beowulf, and The Princess Bride in one hour.  I have a Sonic icemaker in my car, and I am an adoptive mother to an albino frog named Lemmy.

     I am Ozzy Osbourne's personal translator and Slash hits me up for guitar riff advice.  TobyMac consults me before he even thinks about droppin' a beat.  I have played for the Braves, kicked a game-winning field goal for the Falcons, and had dinner with Peyton Manning. 

     I wander, I wonder, I nap, and my bones snap, crackle, and pop.

     But I have not yet had the privilege of teaching your child and preparing them for their next big adventure:  high school.  I look forward to helping your child become the very best version of themselves. 

     Welcome to the Voyagers team...GO OWLS!