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Mrs.  Kelly  Treece
8th Grade Language Arts (Voyagers)
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Conversion Chart: ESSAYS  

Rubric Conversions: ESSAYS



16 – 100

15 – 97

14 - 93


13 – 91

12 – 88

11 - 85


10 – 81

9 – 78

8 – 75



7 – 73

6 – 70




5 – 68

4 – 65



Holistic Scoring: RACE Response (Concise Paragraph Response)  


Restate the question

Answer the question

Cite textual evidence from the text

Extend your answer by explaining in your own words


Grade   Equivalent




1. Effective, relevant topic sentence/thesis point

2. Well-chosen, relevant, sufficient ETE

3. Thorough/accurate explanation

4. Effective/relevant concluding statement



1. Relevant topic sentence/thesis point

2. Relevant/sufficient ETE

3. Adequate/accurate explanation

4. Relevant concluding statement



1. Limited topic sentence/thesis point

2. Mostly relevant/insufficient ETE

3. Limited/partial explanation

4. Limited concluding statement



1. No/irrelevant topic sentence/thesis point

2. Irrelevant/No ETE

3. Inadequate/inaccurate explanation

4. No/irrelevant explanation































ETE: Explicit Textual Evidence

*clearly stated evidence directly from the text; word for word


ITE: Implicit Textual Evidence

*implied or suggested evidence; author does not clearly state

DAILY Sacred Writing Time  

Sacred Writing Time builds writing fluency and stamina, challenges us to be as creative as we want to be, and it gives us time to showcase the writing skills introduced in class through mini-lessons and studying author's craft.

• Sacred Writing Time takes place the first ten (10) minutes of class.  Every.  Single.  Day. 

• If a student exhausts his/her topic, they must start a new one.

• Participation grade

• I maintain a special page in my gradebook for logging SWT.  On any day a student doesn't use the full ten (10) minutes of SWT, I mark it on my page. 

• Every two weeks, students earn a SWT grade from me; they receive full credit if there are no marks written next to their name.

Students lose SWT points by:

-doing homework instead of writing in their Writer's Workshop notebooks

-talking/distracting others during SWT

-if they stare into space or are slow to get started, I warn them and make a mark on their second warning

-if Absent, I make a mark next to their name(s) and they owe their Writer's Workshop notebook ten (10) minutes; once they show me the entry, I will remove that mark.


Late Work Policy Guidelines  

All tasks are to be submitted for grading on the specified due date.  

Any task not submitted on the set due date will automatically be entered as a 0 in PowerSchool and will be identified as 'Missing'.

Late work will be accepted in accordance with the OMS Late Work Policy and will be enforced for all students: therefore, students will have a total of three (3) school days to submit late work for grading:  

1 day late = highest possible grade 90%

2 days late = highest possible grade 80%

3 days late = highest possible grade 70%

Students who are absent on the specified due date are expected to submit task immediately upon their return.

Once the task is submitted for grading, the 0 in Powerschool will be removed and the task will then be identified as 'Collected'.

It is the student's responsibility to keep up with due dates: therefore, it is recommended that students utilize their Agendamates and that parents follow up at home.

*Late work includes classwork as well as homework.

**NO late work accepted after three days.

***Detention(s) may be assigned at teacher discretion.