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ELA Notebook  

Students should be sure to have their 5-subject, spiral notebook in class on Wednesday, 8-16-17. We will begin using the notebook on WEdnesday and students will be required to have it with them in class every day. 

Second Semester  

Whew! You've made it through the first half of your 6th grade year. Bravo!

As we continue on with the year, here are some things to keep in mind:

-Reading Responses are still due each Thursday. You may now choose from Semester 1 OR Semester 2 activity choices. You have a paper copy of the choices in your notebook, there is a copy on Google Classroom, and there is a copy here, under "Forms."

-DUring this semester, we will be diving into exciting activities such as 

  • Exploring how authors address social issues like gender norms, imbalance of power, prejudice, and poverty
  • The art of argumentation--you will be learning how to successfully craft an argument (this can be particularly helpful when asking for that allowance upgrade from your parents ;) )
  • Book Clubs--We will read selections from Carl Hiaasen and discussing how he addresses themes of environmental endangerment
  • Reading and creating various forms of poetry

I am looking forward to another great semester with you!

With love,

Mrs. Candler