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8th Grade Math and Honors Algebra (Voyagers)
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Tutoring Change  

September 24, 2017

Due to  two after school meetings this week in which I need to attend on Wednesday and Thursday,  students staying for Academic Contract work can stay this week Monday with Ms. McCance and Tuesday with Ms. Treece.  There will be NO MATH TUTORING WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY OF THIS WEEK.  We will resume the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule next week.


Thank you


Carol McCance

OMS 8th Grade Math


Tutoring for Math  will begin Wednesday, September 20 through October 5 every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:15 - 3:15.  Academic Contracts for students in jeopardy of failing math will be going out on September 22.  Students receiving an Academic Contract will be given one last chance to raise their grades by attending tutoring sessions prior to report cards.  Any student not on Academic Contract who would like extra assistance in Math is welcome to stay for tutoring during the above times.

Math 8 2017 Expectation Letter  


Math 8 

Mrs. McCance



Welcome to Math 8.  Throughout this class, we are going to explore concepts such as equations, functions, rational and irrational numbers, transformations and volume.    Calculators will be provided for students to use at times during class, but we will not be using the calculators on every assignment or assessment  as we are working on  building math fluency.   In Math 8, students must show the steps to problem solving, explain and justify their answers and be able to demonstrate basic math skills with and without the aid of a calculator. 


This year, we will be working in a blended classroom in which students will be doing some of their math practice on a computer.  Students will need to use the time given in class effectively in order to utilize the computers and not fall behind.  Any work not completed in class is expected to be completed at home.       

The two main websites we will be using as we work our way through Math 8 are HOLT and EDGNUITY.  Some assessments will also be taken on the computer through POWERASSESSMENT, but students will not have access to that program from home. 


The HOLT account gives students access to an on-line, traditional textbook.  Students may access tutorial videos at school or from home.   Students will be taking on-line assignments during station time at school to help practice various skills.  If a student does not score an acceptable score on each assignment, the computer will continue to assign questions until the student has mastered the skill.  It is, therefore, to the benefit of each student, to utilize the tutorials along with reviewing notes taken in class before taking the assignments to keep from having to do additional problems.


The EDGENUITY account will give students another option for on-line tutorials.  EDGENUITY will also allow for transcripts of videos to be in different languages for any English learning students.  The EDGENUITY account will also be used for credit recovery and/or extra credit throughout the year.  Students who are failing at the six week mark of each quarter will be given an opportunity to work through EDGENUITY in order to get their grade to passing.  Contracts will be given with the 2nd progress report per quarter for any student in need of quarterly credit recovery.  Tutoring will be available the last three weeks of each quarter for any student wishing to take advantage of credit recovery or extra credit.  Days and times will be announced with the contracts.


Students and parents need to familiarize themselves with these sites and keep all user names and passwords readily available.                    


HOLT ON LINE TEXTBOOK                     User Name:                                                               Password:      


EDGENUITY                                                 User Name:                                   Password:



I look forward to working with all of you and hope to show all of you that math is not as difficult as some of you believe.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel comfortable to either speak with me or email me as the questions arise. 


Mrs. McCance