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Homework 7th grade Math class
Mountain Climbers

I assign one homework sheet for the entire week. So students will have 9 homework sheets for quarter 1. They receive it on Mondays and it is due every Friday. I keep extra copies in class for students at all times in case they lose it and need an extra copy. It will be 10 points off for every day it is not turned in passed the due date. 

Notes and assignments missed from being absent
If your student is absent they can get the notes and practice problems from a friend’s notebook or my personal notebook. My personal notebook cannot leave the school. It is the student’s responsibility to get the notes they have missed. They can ask me if they need to make up any assignments and I will give them anything they need to make up. 


Copy paper


Clorox Wipes

Tutoring  Days

Tutoring is over, there is no more tutoring after school for my class this school year.


To contact me the best way is to email me and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Lets work together to make your student successful at Ooltewah Middle School. 
Lets go Owls.

Week of 5-14-18

This week we will be finishing the i-ready screener. We will also be taking the algebra 1 readiness test. We will also be finishing our mixed review sheet that is a test grade. Friday is our team picnic, please remember to bring in your items.

Week of 5-7-18

We will be doing a mixed review on Monday and Tuesday. Iready screeners will be done on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is Owlpalooza. Hw #7 is due by Friday.

Week of 4-30-18

Monday is the last day that late work or make up work will be accepted. Math and Social studies TCAP is this week. Students will be reviewing  this week. There will be a short hw sheet #6 due Friday.

Week of 4-23-18

We will be doing Review activities to prepare for state testing. Homework # 5 is due Friday. 

Week of 4-16-18

We will be finishing probability. Quiz on Wednesday. Tcap test Tuesday. Homework #4 due Friday. TCAP begins next Monday.

Week of 4-9-18

We will be learning about mean, median, mode and range and using that data to use a box and whisker plot. Quiz Friday. Homework due Friday.

Week of 3-19-18

This week we are learning surface area. Students will apply knowledge of area formulas to 3-d figures. Hw #1 for Q4 is due Friday. Tutoring Tuesday until 4:30. 

Week of 3-13-18

We will be learning how to find the area of composite figures and learning how to find the surface area of 3-D figures.

Tutoring is Tuesday until 4:30

Last day for make-up work for this quarter to be turned in is Thursday 3-15-18.

Hw #10 due Thursday

Week of 3-5-18

We are learing how to find the area of polygons and the circumference of circles this week. Homework #9 is due Friday. Tutoring is Tuesday until 4:30

Week of 2-26-18

This week students will be learning about triangles. Students will have a test on Friday over triangles and angles.

Tutoring is on Tuesday from 2:15-4:30

Week of 2-19-18

No school Monday

Tutoring will be Tuesday instead of Wednesday this week and will be from 2:15-4:30.

This week we will be learning more about Complementary and supplementary angles.

Week of 2-12-18

We will be finishing up scale drawings and scale factor. Students will have a quiz on Tuesday. We will start learning angles on Wednesday. Homework is pages 133-136 in the practice book. Tutoring will be cancelled.

Week of 2-5-18

This week we are finishing our test from Friday. We will start learning about scale drawings which will give students practice on cross multiplication. Tutoring will be Wednesday until 4:30. Homework will be practice book pages 79-82. Quiz Friday.

Week of 1-29-18

This week we will be learning how to apply taxes, tips and discounts. For extra practice students can login on If they forget their login information please send me an email and I will glady send you their information.

Homework sheet #4 is due Friday

Tutoring will be this Wednesday until 4:30. If your child stays they must have a ride before or by 4:30.

There will be a test Friday

Week of 1-8-18

Homework sheet # 1 due Friday. Students do not have to do Mondays hw since it was a snow day.

We will be learning unit rates and complex fractions this week.

 Week of 12-18-17

No homework. We will be reviewing. Have a safe winter break. Last day to turn in make up work will be Monday 12-18-17.

Week of 12-11-17

Students will be reviewing material they have learned since the beginning of the year. Students did not have homework last week due to so much testing. They will have homework this week. Field trip Wednesday. 

Week of 12-4-17

No homework due to benchmark testing and unit test on Friday.

Tutoring starts this Wednesday from 2:15-4:20. students must have a ride home and do not have to stay the entire time.

We will be reviewing mostly for this week to study for the benchmark and for the unit test.

Week of 11-27-17

Homework sheet #7 due Friday.

Students will be introduced to solving and graphing inequalities. 

Extra practice will be available in lesson 17.

Week of 11-20-17

Two-day week

We will review adding and subtracting integers. No new material.

No homework this week.

Have a great thanksgiving!

Week of 11-13-17

We will be working more on two step equations and applying them to real world situations. 

We will move on to multip step by Tuesday. 

Homework #5 will be due Friday. 

No homework next week.

Test Friday

Week of 11-6-17

We will be learnnig 1 and 2 step equations, solving for "x".

Homework due Friday

Assessment on Friday.

Week of 10-30-17

We will be working with percents and expressions. There will be a test on Thursday on expressions. 

Homework will be due Friday.

Progress reports are Friday.

Use lessons 15-16 for practice.

Week of 10-23-17

We will be correcting quizzes from Friday. Based on their quizzes we will be going back over expressions and properties. Please use Lesson 14 and Lesson 15 for extra practice in their practice books.

We will also be reviewing order of operations.

Homework sheet #2 due Friday

Assessment on Friday

Week of 10-16-17

Students will be learning expressions this week. They can find extra practice in lesson 14 of their practice book.

Homework sheets start over each quarter. So homework sheet #1 will be due Friday.

Assessment on Friday.

Week of 10-2-17

This week is the last week of the 1st quarter.

Students will be taking the County Bench mark test this week. To review students can work on lessons 1-8 in their practice book.

No tutoring this week.

Homework sheet #8 due Thursday.

Hope everyone has a safe Fall Break.

Week of 9-25-17

I was out this past Wednesday so tutoring was cancelled. I will be holding tutoring on Monday, the 25th until 4:30 for anyone interested. 

We will be reviewing everything we have learned all quarter. Lessons 1-8 in the practice book are a great resource to find extra practice. Students can also read over their notes and practice problems that are in their notebook. 

Unit TEST will be Friday

The following week, the week before Fall Break,  students will be taking the county benchmark test.

Week of 9-18-17

We will be learning adding and subtracting fractions, adding and subtracting decimals and multiplying and dividing decimals. Lesson 6 in their practice book is a great resource for practice at home.

Homework sheet #6 will be due Friday.

POP QUIZ Wednesday.

Progress reports are Friday.

Assessment on Friday

Week of 9-11-17

Homework sheet #5 is due Friday

Assessment Friday

Working in lesson 6 in the practice book. We will be working on multiplying and dividing

fractions and decimals.

First session of tutoring is September 13th. Please refer to my calendar for dates that tutoring will be and the times.

Week  of 9-4-17

No school on Monday 

Homework sheet #4 due Friday

We will be working on multiplying and dividing integers. Lesson 4 is a great place to practice this. To practice last weeks material use lesson 1-3 in their practice book.

We will also be working on rational numbers which will be lessons 6-8. We will not begin these lessons until later in the week.

quiz on Friday

 Week of 8-28-17

Homework sheet #3 due Friday

Homework Quiz Tuesday

test on Friday

Focusing on adding and subtracting integers and applying them to real world situations. For practice refer to lesson 1,2 and lesson 3 in the practice book.

Progress reports will be coming out soon please check powerschool to stay updated on your childs grades.

Week of 8-22-17

Homework sheet #2 due Friday

Focus Absolute value, additive inverse and adding integers.

Please check powerschool for your childs grade.

We will be testing with Iready for a few days in math this week. Have students bring ear buds.

For extra practice study Lesson 1 in the students practice workbook.

Assignments for the week of 8-14-17

Homework sheet #1 due Friday

Quiz Friday 8-18-17

Lesson 5 is what we are working on, for extra practice students can practice in lesson 5 of their practice math book.