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6th Grade
Due Date: 3/26/2018



Week of 19.3.18

  • Introductions and Greetings
  • Signed Expectation Letters are due back by Friday!
  • Please bring in a composition book ASAP!


8th Grade
Due Date: 3/26/2018

 Hausaufgabe (Homework)

*Study your Vokabeln 5-10 min. EVERY DAY! You ALWAYS have this for Hausaufgabe!

**8B (HS Prep) Signed Expectation Letters Due (1/26)! Your Edgenuity accounts are available to you 24/7!

***My email is - a better way to get in touch with me than through since I can reply directly. There seems to be some sort of glitch in which we can't reply to your emails through the teacher pages.



Week of 8.1.18

Montag: Keine Schule (Schnee Tag!)

Dienstag: Wiederholungs Tag (K3)

Mittwoch: Quiz (K3)

Donnerstag: Wiederholungs Tag

Freitag: Test (K3) *Report Cards

Week of 15.1.18

Montag: Keine Schule (Martin Luther King Jr's Tag)

Dienstag: Schnee Tag!

Mittwoch: Schnee Tag!

Donnerstag:Schnee Tag!

Freitag: K4 #3, #4 *Key concepts from K3 will be added into the K4 unit test due to snow days.

Week of 22.1.18 *K3/4 Test will be am 2.2.18!

Montag: K4 #5-8 *Odds, Fokus Wort

Dienstag: Fokus Wort (Index Card), Study Seite 106 - "Fuer dich"/"Sprache"

Mittwoch:Studier (study) "Am Computer" (Dialog - K4LB)

Donnerstag:K4 #12-13,#19

Freitag: K4 "Land und Leute" #22-23

Week of 29.1.18

Montag: K4 #26-27

Dienstag: Studier K4 Vokabeln! (*Culminating/Communicative Activities kommen!)

Mittwoch: Practice Communicative Activity (K4LA - Seite 27). (*Be prepared to do with partners morgen in der Klasse!)

Donnerstag:Practice Communicative Activities (K4LB - Seiten 30-31) (K4LA - Seite 27 noch einmal/once again). Es tut mir leid. Mein Sohn ist heute sehr krank zu Hause. :(

Freitag: K3/4 Test am Montag! Practice communicative activities; review K3/4 für den Test! Der Test ist jetzt am Dienstag oder Donnerstag nächste Woche (field trip am Mittwoch für ein Paar/several). Immer mit der Ruhe/Take it easy! Bleib gesund/Stay healthy! :) *Update: Mein Sohn ist noch sehr krank mit Flu. Ich bleibe morgen mit ihm(him) zu Hause. If a sub is able to come in, s/he will be giving you two more communicative activities. If not, just keep practicing the one you already received am Mittwoch and study K3/4 = alle Vokabeln und Grammatik! Email me with any questions! WIRKLICH!


Woche von 5.2.18

MontagBe prepared for communicative activities morgen!

Dienstag: Review for K3/4 test - practice session morgen! Viel Glück to our YIG (Youth in Government) participants morgen! 

MittwochReview for K3/4 test - anyone want to stay for German tutoring tomorrow? I'm willing if you are!

Donnerstag:Test morgen!

FreitagK5 Vokabeln *I'll be giving you a condensed sheet from which you can make flash cards and miniature lists. Well, here we go noch einmal (once again)! So . . . der Test wird jetzt am Montag sein. (The test will now be on Monday). I feel I should add that it will be when we return. Yikes! Stay healthy!

Week of 12.2.18

Montag: You will have the opportunity to do test corrections during classtime tomorrow; be prepared to not only change your answer but to be able to explain your reasoning for the new one. Preview K5.

Dienstag: Continue previewing K5.

Mittwoch: Gluecklicher Valentinstag! Share the German valentine you made heute mit someone special heute Abend!

Donnerstag: K5 LA #5-6, Fuer dich, Persoenliches, Study Sprache auf Seite 130.

Freitag: K5 LAA - Persönliches, Uebungen #7-11 (faellig am Dienstag) *Students who did not have their HA prepared fuer heute will need to write out the questions/paragraphs plus answers in order to receive credit (-10%) am Dienstag!

Week of 19.2.18

Montag: Keine Schule! (Präsidents Tag!)

Dienstag: K5 #12-13 & *Persönliches von K5-LA (*We haven't gone over this yet. Sei fertig!/Sei fertig!)

Mittwoch: K5 #14-15 All, #16-19 Odds, Review K5LA Persönliches

Donnerstag: Spend about 10 Minuten und review the verb conjugations of haben und sein, basic subject (nominative case) pronouns, definite and indefinite articles. There will be a culminating task tomorrow. Immer mit der Ruhe! Es ist nicht schwer - hoffentlich Spaß!

Freitag:(Das Gleiche als am Donnerstag/Same as Thursday). You'll be using weather vocabulary from K5 in a project later next week . . . rubric coming soon!

*****Hoer zu/Listen to die zwei Beatles online! ("Komm zu Mir" und "Sie liebt dich")

*****The recipe for the Nutella Plaetzchen (die cookies ihr had in der Klasse heute) ist as follows:

  • 1 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup Nutella

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine the graham cracker crumbs and baking soda in a large bowl. In a separate bowl beat the egg, then add the vanilla. Add the egg mixture to the graham cracker crumbs. Add the Nutella and mix until well blended - willl be rather sticky at first. Form dough into 1 1/2 -inch balls, and place them on a baking sheet, about 2 inches apart. Bake at 350 degrees for about 8-10 minutes or until crispy on the outside. Allow the cookies to rest on the baking sheet a few minutes before transferring them to a wire rack. Let cool. Enjoy! Guten Appetit! Lecker! : 0 ) *makes about a dozen and a half cookies

Week of 26.12.18

Montag: Review das Wetter Vokablen and Sprache sections in K5. We'll be doing a project as soon as we finish our Fritz culminating activity - by Thursday most likely.

Dienstag: Fritz: Fragen A-E, Sei fertig fuer F morgen in der Klasse! (Be ready to do F am Freitag in class!)

Mittwoch: Wierderolen das Wetter Vokabeln und alle Sprache (K5).

Donnerstag: Sei fertig um ein Kartoon (Fritz-F) zu machen/Be prepared to do Section F in your Fritz packet - in der Klasse. *Weather Delay

Freitag: Vokabeln - K5 (vier Mal Deutsch und ein Mal Englisch) Der Cartoon ist jetzt am Dienstag fällig. Bitte, am Montag, bringt ihr die AufKleber, die Magazinfotos, den Glitzerkleber, das Farbband, unsw. um ihre Cartoons zu dekorieren. Sei kreativ! Macht SpaB! Wir werden am Montag die Zeit nach dem Fundraiser Program haben - keine 8B Klasse! Die Mathe-Wettbewerb Leute - Viel Glück und bis Dienstag! (The cartoon strip (Fritz) is now due on Tuesday. Please bring stickers, magazine/computer photos, glitter glue, ribbon, ect. on Monday in order to embellish your cartoon. Be creative! Make it fun! Math competition peeps - Good Luck and see you on Tuesday! If your cartoon ist fertig, you will be working in DuoLingo on a chrome book or reading/doing activities in the new Das Rad magazine. **If you have read this update, please send me an email before Montag DIENSTAG (address above) in order to receive fünf Extra Test Punkte!) :)

Week of 5.3.18

Montag: Das Gleiche als am letzen Freitag! (the same as last Friday - Gueck mal! Look!!!!)\

**8B - Pronoun Test tomorrow!

Dienstag: K5 - Lies das Lesestueck(last part not read in class), und mach #20!

Mittwoch: K5-#21  (If you didn't turn in #20 today, you'll need to turn this [#20} in with all sentences written out completely in order to receive late credit - not just answers)

**8B - Prounoun Test has been moved to Freitag!

Donnerstag: K5 - Rueckblick #22-23,#25

**8B - Pronoun test tomorrow!

Freitag: K5 - Das Wetter App (Sub): K5 Workbook Packets due am Montag!

**8B - Conjugation of the verb, to be, on Monday!

Week of 12.3.18

Montag: Zweite Chance! K5 WB Packets morgen faellig!/Second chance! K5 workbook packets are due tomorrow! Prepare for K5 (Lessons A & B) quiz as well - will have time in class tomorrow and be able to finish as a take-home quiz.

**8B - Conjugation (to be) retakes tomorrow! The highest score will be the one of record.

to be - sein

ich bin - I am

du bist - you are (singular, informal/familiar)

er ist - he is

sie ist - she is

es ist - it is

wir sind - we are

ihr seid - you are (plural, informal/familiar)

sie sind - they are

Sie sind - you are (plural, formal)*

Sie sind - you are (singular, formal)*


Dienstag: Das Wetter App - am 20.3 faellig! Prepare for K5 LB Quiz.

Mittwoch: Das Wetter App - am 20.3. faellig! Finish K5 LB quiz (Take-home).

Donnerstag: Heute ist der letzte Tag des dritten Quartals (Q3)! Nur noch eins (Q4)! Es gibt morgen keine Schule für euch (you)! Viel Spaß! Have fun!

Freitag: Keine Schule für Schüler! Schönes langes Wochenende! :)

Week of 19.3.18

Montag: Das Wetter App ist morgen faellig. (Weather Apps due tomorrow!) Preview K6 modals. (green Sprache section)

Dienstag: K6 #4-10, Odds

Mittwoch: Study modals! Schreib!

Donnerstag: K6 LA-Persoenliches

Freitag: Test (modals) am Montag!






7th Grade
Due Date: 3/26/2018



Week of 19.3.18

  • Introductions and Greetings
  • Signed Expectation & Procedures Letters are due by Friday!
  • Please bring in your class materials ASAP! (notebook, folder, pencils)