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General Music Syllabus Letter

Sixth Grade Music

OoltewahMiddle School

Sarah Allen, Instructor


Welcome to one of the most exciting expressions of the arts! Music is understood, throughout the world, no matter what language. Our class offers varied opportunities to enhance music literacy and explore creative possibilities.


Topics studied and experienced:

q  Introduction to Folk & Symphonic Instruments

q  Appreciating Varied Styles, Cultures, Genre & Historical Music

q  Theory: Notes, Rests, Time Signature Application, Composing, and Improvisation

q  Reading and Notating: Kodaly Approach - Solfege and Rhythms

q  Making Music Connection with other Arts/Disciplines

q  Performance

q  Introduction to Keyboard Study

q  Critical Listening

q  Seminar


**************************Chorus Auditions in April*********************


Code of Conduct:

1.      BE PREPARED – pencil & folder with notebook paper, signed syllabus letter, handouts, and tests etc.

           2. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – written and spoken

3. BE RESPECTFUL - self, teacher, others & learning climate

4. RECOGNITION - raise hand and wait for permission

Discipline Procedure:

(warning, student conference, parent contact, office referral; order determined by situation)

Grading: 40% - Daily Classwork & Activities         Conduct Grading:   S= 0-4 cuts

                 50% - Tests                                                                                  N= 5-7cuts

                 10% - Homework                                                                        U = 8 cuts


Grading Scale: 100-93=A, 92-85=B, 84-75=C, 74-70=D, 69 and below =F        




Teacher’s Voice Mail: (423) 238-5732, Ext. 227

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